Audio Production

Sound Design, Audio Post Production, Foley for Non-Visual and Visual Mediaction: 


Price Varies depending on clients needs. There is a sliding scale for independent clients/Startups.
 Please contact to inquire.


Voice acting



VO rates may vary and are negotiable depending on client and usage, but this is the standard. I would not like to let money get in the way of getting to work on an awesome project, and making good connections! :) 


Internal Corporate/Telephony/Live In Studio/In Person

$65/hour of time recorded and produced.

(Note - if not in person - 60 Second Scripts will take about an hour to record, edit, deliver = $65 Dollars).

Broadcast/Radio Spots:

Up to 15 secs


Up to 30 secs


Up to 1 minute


Up to 5 minutes


Up to 10 minutes


Up to 15 minutes


15 or more:

Request a quote

Internet, Online commercials, Explainer Videos

Up to 2 minutes


Up to 4 minutes


5 minutes and above

 Request a quote.


"Can you add Music?" 

Sure! Give me a little description about what style and genre you would like, and I will provide you with a playlist of music for you to choose from.

Rate price includes:

  1.  The track price for a single music track
  2.  The track’s licensing fees for a single music track
  3.  Production Labor


Music One Time use (Only airing once, played at one single event)  - +$80

Music Broadcast (Up to 1 Million listeners/viewers) - +$150

Music Mass Production (10 Million listeners/viewers) - +$250

  • (Should you expect more than 1 million listeners/viewers as well as more than 1 million “callers” for telephony)

Music Unlimited Mass Production (Unlimited Listeners/Viewers) - +$450

  • (Should you not know how many listeners/viewers or “callers” there will be, then you would need an Unlimited license)


My fault? 


Your fault? 

-First revision: free

-Second revision: Add $30 to total